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Orford CEVA Primary School


CEVA Primary School

Orford School League of Friends 

OSLOF Orford School League of Friends

Oslof is our PTA at Orford School. -We assume that every parent is a member of Oslof.

-We encourage the whole community and extended family to join Oslof, please involve everyone you can.

-We’d like to bridge gaps between the school and community, bring people together, have fun and raise much needed funds for our school.

OSLOF policies: - Many hands make light work. (Being part of a small school means that it is so appreciated when everyone chips-in. We all take on small simple tasks and each of us doing a little bit means we can achieve something brilliant, just as we did with the Easter Egg Hunt. It was great fun and a great success - only made possible by everyone who helped.)

- We are friendly, easy-going and all join in together to do a little bit. (This creates wonderful events which aren’t overwhelming for one person to organise. It also creates lovely community spirit and is hugely beneficial for the children and the school.)

- We are open to people to organising their own fundraising initiatives once approved. (Whether it be finding sponsors, attending a boot fair, organising a raffle, fun-run, selling bbq/cakes/lemonade, school disco, whatever your idea, it may well be easy to do. We appreciate and value every contribution. Just let us know your idea is, then once approved by the committee you can go ahead and organise it.)

- Keep things simple. (We understand that everyone is busy with work and family, therefore we aim to keep things simple and all do our own little bit.)

-Our current main events are the Orford Castle Easter Egg Hunt and Christmas event at Orford Town Hall. Plus any extras organised by individuals/groups.

-We are blessed at Orford school with extra facilities such as the kitchen garden and teaching kitchen. It is up to us, each year, to raise the money to keep these wonderful learning facilities going as they are above and beyond the ‘usual.’ We feel they are at the heart and soul of what makes our school special, so we endeavour to raise as much as we can and invite everyone to join in. We also support funds for school trips and other beneficial projects and equipment.

-Please attend OSLOF meetings if you can, they are short and sweet. It makes things quicker to organise. It’s impossible to find times to suit everyone, so if you can’t attend please join in with the group emails and on the Facebook page ‘Orford school league of friends (oslof).’ You can let us know in the playground if you’d like to help.