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Orford CEVA Primary School


CEVA Primary School


We named it marvellous maths mastery and marvellous it was!! What a day!

UPDATE - Have you seen that we made the EADT website? (click here for article)
It should be in the printed version soon as well - do keep an eye out over the next couple of days!


Session 1

We started with a carousel of maths activities for pupils and parents alike. With....

Miss Briley, we were learning how to count to 10 in 16 different languages! Who was teaching who in some of these photos is debatable...


Miss Brown, we made some fabulous maths badges that we wore all day. They had to include everything we thought of when we heard the word ‘maths’, which is quite tricky. Luckily, for quite a few pupils it simply involved drawing love hearts or writing words like “splendid” and “magnificent”.


Mrs Reeve, we learnt about how spirals are formed, and made some of our own by using a cotton reel, long strip of paper and a pencil. Keeping the paper taut was very tricky!


Miss Cannon, we made dragons out of cubes BUT each colour was worth different amount of points. Our completed dragon had to add up to 37 points exactly – quite tricky when you also want it to look like a real fire breathing monster!



Session 2

After that, we had the treat of being taught by a different teacher for our ordinary maths lesson. Reception and Year 1 learnt all about tally charts and pictograms with Miss Brown and Mrs Robinson; Year 2 and 3 learnt their Roman Numerals to 20 with Miss Cannon and Mrs Smy; Year 4 worked on a very tricky logic/elimination problem with Mrs Reeve; whilst Class 3 got to explore 3D shapes with Miss Briley.



Session 3

If that wasn’t all exciting enough, the afternoon was just as busy. Snape Primary School joined us, and we first of all had to try and use one single cut with scissors to make an A4 piece of paper into one which was longer than 1m. Luckily our work on spirals in the morning helped, as many worked out if you cut a spiral (i.e. a really l o n g continuous line) you could make your paper incredibly lengthy indeed!


We then went back to our classes and worked collaboratively on the problem SHOW ME 100 which was quite literally that: showing 100 in as many ways as possible. Have a look at just some of the variations we came up with:





There were also puzzles and activities up in the hall for children to work on throughout the day. It was really insightful for both staff and pupils to work with different children throughout the school and with our colleagues/peers at Snape, and we hope to do this again soon. Feedback from everybody involved has been overwhelmingly positive and we can only thank you for supporting maths learning so enthusiastically.

Thank you also to all of the parents and grandparents who came to see Maths Mastery in action (and those who attended the workshop on Monday evening). We are hoping to get a report in the East Anglian Daily Times, so do keep a look out over the next couple of weeks!