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Orford CEVA Primary School


CEVA Primary School

Christian Vision

We value each member of our school community as an individual; with the nourishment of our bespoke curriculum and Christian teachings, we ensure that everyone is able to truly flourish and that we achieve our mission to sow faith, grow learners and inspire futures.                                                          

We recognise the importance of the history of our school and continue to preserve its religious character following Church of England guidelines. We serve the children of our five parishes, and those from further afield, by providing a secure and safe place to learn where everyone has a voice and is heard.


Our mission statement, i.e. what we hope to achieve for all of our pupils is:

Sowing faith, growing learners, inspiring futures

  • Sowing faith: belief in the positive potential of every child, lesson, action, opportunity
  • Growing learners:  offering an aspirational enriched curriculum bespoke to each individual, to ensure they gain the knowledge, experience and skills they require to be lifelong learners.
  • Inspiring futures: building knowledge and skills to help children progress through their schooling and also beyond, into their adult lives.

These aspirations stem from our Christian Vision, that every member of our school community are the

'Seeds sown in the good soil' Matthew 13:23


This means that we recognise that each member of our school community is their own unique individual and provide the highest quality nourishment through the curriculum, Christian teachings, enrichment opportunities and our nurturing approach. This ensures that everyone is able to truly flourish and develop into caring, compassionate and confident young people ready to take on the world beyond Orford CofE School. We make learning exciting, fun and inspiring, give praise and encouragement to bring out the best in everyone and ensure they flourish.



We will

  • help everyone to aim high and achieve
  • make sure everyone has access to quality teaching and learning
  • develop everyone’s self-belief so they can achieve their dreams
  • promote life skills to encourage rounded and resilient individuals.

Faith and beliefs 

We will

  • promote Christian values within a diverse and multi-faith community
  • treat others as we like to be treated ourselves
  • encourage collective and individual forms of worship
  • make time and space to think and reflect.


You will

  • make the best progress you can, no matter what your starting point
  • learn how to make the right choices and be kind and caring
  • find the confidence and skills to make your next step
  • become resilient, reflective and resourceful.

Ethos and culture 

We will

  • make sure our school is a safe and secure place for everyone
  • make learning exciting and inspiring
  • celebrate your journey
  • allow all voices and opinions to be heard
  • connect you with the community, the country and the world.