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Orford CEVA Primary School


CEVA Primary School

Cl2 Blog News Archive

Friday 14th October 

As this half of term draws to a close, the children have continued to be brilliant with their learning behaviour!

We have now written a story with the familiar setting based on 'The boy who grew dragons' and a number of children have been to see Mrs Butler for headteacher's awards.
 In our Maths learning, we have moved on from our Place Value unit to tackle addition and subtraction (we're looking at how to add across 10s next week.)  The more you can support your child with learning their times tables at home the better, as these will be really important in the coming weeks and months. We'd like to thank you in advance for your support with this. Sumdog is now also online which will support this too. 

You may have now seen our display of 'Hippocrumps' in school. The children have created some amazing artwork! In our history sessions, we have been investigating the Great fire of London, learning about how the fire started, spread and finally ended. The pumpkins have now been harvested and the children look forward to cooking with them in their cooking sessions! We have also spent some time weeding and preparing our plots for some winter vegetables. We have planted some peas and look forward to planting some other vegetables which we hope might still grow if we're lucky!

To keep you up to date with our reading teaching:

 We have at least three sessions based on reading alone every week. At least one hour of our literacy sessions is dedicated towards this every week and two further half hour slots. In these slots we share a text as a class and discuss and answer questions based on reading VIPERS. (Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explanation, Retrieval [of information from the text] and either Sequencing (Y2) or Summarising (Y3). This ensures lots of new vocabulary and good sentence construction is introduced and modelled to the children, and we have already seen some great examples of the children using the text that we are reading, to support their own written work. We will also aim to hear your child read individually in school once a week too! It's now your child's responsibility to change their book once it's completed and we are more than happy for them to do this during reading sessions. Please encourage and remind them to ask! Their reading books are their personal choice, but we may guide them towards a text which we feel would be most suited to them. Please continue to read at home as much as possible, both hearing your child read and reading to them. We're really happy for you to read the book that they've selected at school in combination with books from home too, particularly if you are reading to your child (this is a great way to develop a love for stories and imagination!) Please record as much as possible in the orange reading diaries about how your child is getting on with their reading and date and record each time you read. We will check these as often as we can. If you have any questions about any element of reading, please feel free to ask!  

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Reeve    

Thursday 30th September

Sumdog homework is now online and will be due in on Wednesday 5th October. All children have been logged in at school, so hopefully now any login glitches have been ironed out! (If you are having problems, please check the back of the orange reading record book for the correct login details.) 

A reminder to bring in forest school kit on Monday 3rd October and gardening kit on Tuesday 4th October (unless your child is in Group 2, who will be cooking). 

This week in our learning, we've been continuing our work on our stories with familiar settings and have also been looking at comparing and ordering numbers in maths. In art, we started to create 'Hippocrumps' based on the poem by James Reeves, which will be on display outside our Classroom once they are finished. We've also been creating some Loaves and fishes this week, encouraging us to think of the things that we are thankful for this Harvest. We will be talking about this during our Harvest Festival service. 

Have a great weekend, 

Kind regards, 

Mrs Reeve.  

Monday 26th September 2022

Just a couple of reminders for tomorrow (Tuesday 27th September): 

Cooking group 1. 

Gardening for groups 2 and 3 - please remember appropriate clothing and gardening gloves if your child has them! 

Please see my post from 5th September for which group your child is in. 

Also, don't forget to continue with reading at home and sumdog homework.

See you tomorrow, 

Mrs Reeve

Thursday 22nd September 2022

Class 2 have now settled in to their new routines and are getting on really well as a group. 

CONGRATULATIONS go to Casper in Year 2 and Joe in Year 3, who have been elected by their peers to be school councillors for the academic Year 2022-23! They will now be attending meetings on behalf of their Year group and considering how to make positive changes around the school. Well done to them both :.) 

Last week, Class 2 children completed a page of their memories of the late Queen Elizabeth II, to add to our school book of remembrance, which is now on display at St Bartholomew's Church, Orford. They were very reflective and respectful with their comments regarding this sensitive topic. 

In English, during our first few weeks, we have been working hard on various 'key ingredients' to good writing, to enable us to eventually write our own stories with a familiar setting. We have been reading the book 'The Boy who Grew dragons' by Andy Shepherd, both in story time and in whole class reading; to give us inspiration for our own stories. We've been looking at adverbial starters, connectives within sentences and how to use apostrophes for omission correctly, to name a few. This week, we've been concentrating on the five main points of a story: opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending, to ensure that our own stories have all these key elements. 

In maths, Class 2 have been working on place value. We have been investigating how to partition numbers in to HTU or T and U and how to recombine the number using lots of models and images to support our learning. We have also begun our various foundation topics and we'll update you more as the children's learning progresses. 

As you will have seen, our Class will be doing forest schools once again, with Mrs Marriot, starting on Monday (26th September). Please could your child bring in the appropriate clothing and footwear in school for this on Mondays.   

The children have been really enjoying their gardening sessions again - with many discussions as to who they help with the gardening at home too! With the weather getting cooler, please remember to ask your child to bring in appropriate clothes, possibly gardening gloves (but we do have lots of pairs at school) and wellington boots on Tuesdays. 

Teaching kitchen is also continuing. Cooking dates for each group for the next few weeks are as follows:

Tuesday 27th September: Group 1

Tuesday 4th October: Group 2

Tuesday 11th October: Group 3 

Please see my post on Monday 5th September if you are unsure which group your child is in. 

Finally, SUMDOG for this week is now online again. Well done to all those children who participated last week :.) If you have problems accessing Sumdog, either due to login difficulties or due to Internet issues, please contact the school and we will support your child in being able to get online to complete their homework. We also offer a lunchtime club for SUMDog too. 

Have an enjoyable weekend! 

Kind regards, 

Mrs Reeve

Monday 5th September 2022 

A warm welcome back after the Summer break! Class 2 have settled in extremely well and have been enthusiastic about their learning today. More information will be following soon, but I just wanted to let you know a couple of items for school tomorrow and for the rest of this week. 

Teaching Kitchen

It will be the turn of Group 1 for cooking tomorrow with Miss Philips.

The children in Group 1 are as follows:

George, Harry, Darcey, Averie, Seren, Zack and Rose. 


Next Tuesday (13th September) it will be group 2. The children in Group 2 are as follows:

Joe, Jacob, Ellie, Vivi, Kourtnie, Freddie and Isla. 


The following Tuesday (20th September), Group 3 will be cooking. The children in Group 3 are as follows: 

Flynn, Amelia, Casper, Willow, Johnny and Tabi.



While Group 1 are cooking tomorrow, the children in Groups 2 and 3 will be gardening. Please could you ensure that if your child is in Group 2 or Group 3, that they have appropriate footwear and any other clothing that you feel may be appropriate, to enable them to be gardening at school. 


Finally, we are carrying out phonic and reading assessments on a 1:1 basis over the coming days. Until all the assessments have been completed, we will not be sending your child home with a levelled reading book but would be grateful if you could continue to read a choice book from either home or school on a daily basis. These choice books may be either read by or read to your child but reading every day will still be very important and discussing language and vocabulary while you read will greatly benefit your child. We aim to be sending reading books home as soon as possible, but please bear with us until this important aspect of your child's learning support is completed. Thank you for your patience. 

For your information, PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please could you ensure that your child has their kit in school on the relevant days. 

We will be posting more information about learning in Class 2 soon, but please contact the office if you have queries in the meantime. 

Finally, Mrs Bailie and I are really looking forward to working with you and your child /ren and if there is anything that we can support with, please do let us know. 

Kind regards, 

Mrs Reeve






Class 2 News 2021-22 

Summer 2022 

20th July

Our Anglo Saxon topic concluded with an EPIC construction challenge: making a long ship on wheels!! We researched different toy vehicles and how they work, including axels, and then designed our own ships, including a mast and sail. As ever, class 2 excelled at this challenged and created some really excellent work! Well done class 2!

Have a fabulous and restful summer everyone, see you in September! Thank you for all your hard work and support this year.


1st July

Summer definitely feels like it is here, both with the lovely weather and the busy timetable! Everyone had brilliant fun at Sports Day, we were very proud of class 2's behaviour and attitude all day - superb role models to others.

Thinking ahead to next week's 150 year celebration, we have been learning about 1922-1972. The really great news is there was NO school uniform during this time, but below are some really simple ideas to help get you started. We do not expect elaborate costumes, you may find you have most of this at home.... often the way you style your hair can change a look completely! If you are still having any difficulties, please speak to us and we can see if we are able to help.


17th June 2022

This week, we combined our recent maths and topic learning to create our own Anglo Saxon village maps. However, we had to correctly identify the 2D shapes, whether they were regular/irregular and Year 3 even had to recognise parallel and perpendicular lines!! Once we'd completed all of that, we worked carefully to add artistic details and decorations. They are rightly now all on display in the classroom.



10th June 2022

We have started our brand new unit this week learning about 2D shapes - we can all name any shape with up to 10 sides and are beginning to use the words "regular" and "irregular" correctly.
Please click the link below to try a good practice game at home - anything up to Level 3 should be fine for most of Class 2!

27th May 2022

This week we had the opportunity to be archaeologists! We studied some photos of Anglo Saxon coins, looking very carefully at the writing on them. We learnt that "Rex" means King and "Regina" means Queen, before using this knowledge to create our own coins using clay. They are still drying outside the classroom ready to go on our display after half term, Can you work out who each one belongs to?






The only homework for half term is reading please - enjoy the weather and time off! 

20th May 2022

We have had lots of fun in Computing over the past few weeks learning about emails - what they are used for, how to write them and keeping safe when sending and receiving emails.

This week we practised writing emails to Miss Cannon and Mrs Foxon, there were some great conversations happening about favourite animals, best lessons and football teams!

Later we made a list of what makes emails safe or unsafe. Please reiterate these messages at home when using email.

13th May 2022

In RE we have started a new Christianity unit about Jesus, his disciples and trust. 

We have made a trust tree in the classroom which we are adding to each week. Doesn't it look fabulous?



28th April

We had THE MOST FANTASTIC day at the school's farm fair: stroking animals, watching farm machinery work, looking at bees, tasting different foods and watching live displays. All the photos are in the photo gallery.

A huge thank you to our school governor and steward for the day, Linda Orford, who worked really hard to make sure we saw everything we wanted to!

Spring 2022 

8th April

Happy Easter everybody! Hope you all have a well deserved rest over the holidays. There will be no homework or slumdog, but do try and keep up with some regular reading.

Our Suffolk Farming School of the Year entry has now been collected and taken away for judging. The theme was 'Why are Bees Important to Farming?' so we made a giant model of a worker honeybee, labelling each part and its function, in its own beehive. Amazing effort from everyone, just fingers crossed the judges think the same!! Please remember to sign up on parent pay for the Farm and Country Fair Trip - it's the first Thursday back.

1st April

Today marked our last lesson learning about the Romans! Ohhhhh!

We have spent this week learning about the Roman's legacy and thought very carefully about why some of their inventions may have stayed around for a long time. After some passionate discussion (debate!) we had a vote (democracy - a Roman legacy would you believe?) and we decided which of their legacies was the most important:

And the winners were.......

1 - Bees kept in beehives (possibly influenced by Suffolk Farming School of the Year??)

2 - Reading and writing

3 - Laws and punishments


17th March

Thank you to all the parents and carers who have come in this week to celebrate Science Week with us - there will be a separate write-up on the school news page about that next week! 
Thank you also for providing children with swords and shields for today's project. We have spent the past 2 weeks researching, planning and writing our own play scripts all about Queen Boudicca's rebellion against the Roman army. Today, we acted them out and filmed them - like proper actors! See us in action here (there are 4 videos to watch in total - if it doesn't; work, click the link underneath):


3rd March

Well, today was a very strange one.... instead of children, we got to teach a whole host of beings! From Tracy Beaker to Harry Potter to a Dinosaur in Underpants. A huge THANK YOU and WELL DONE to everyone for the effort you put in today - you all looked amazing and clearly a lot of thought had gone into costumes.

We had a special library session today to celebrate World Book Day and reading for pleasure, sharing old and new favourites. Here are a few photos:



17th February

Now to finish our fantastic first half term of 2022 we have had a farming themed day! We were lucky enough to receive a visit from a local beekeeper to help us with our entry to the Suffolk Farming School Competition, followed by a visit from Tim Pratt to show us his tractor as part of Tractors in Schools (keep an eye out for the EADT over the coming weeks, as we should be featured!)

Please also look in the photo gallery for all the pictures of today. 

Have a lovely half term everyone!!! 

14th February

As if visiting the castle wasn't enough, today Class 2 had a go at making our own Roman shields! We looked at lots of different examples and colours and tried to match the symbols as best as we could, as they all represented different Gods. We think we did rather well!!!



We then took them out onto the playground and tried to make four different formations: The Tortoise, The Wedge, The Triple Line and The Orb.... can you spot which is which?


8th February

Today we had the most AMAZING day at Colchester Castle learning all about the Romans. We will be doing some writing later in the week we can share with you about our super experience, but in the meantime, please click this link to take you to the photo gallery (on the mobile app, just click the photo symbol at the bottom of the page)

Thank you to all the adults who came along to help on our trip and make it possible! 

3rd February

For the past few weeks we have been working really hard on our word processing skills using Google Docs. One skill we have found VERY challenging is copy and pasting.... so Miss Cannon set us a webquest where we had to follow various links to information about Roman houses and copy/paste the answers. By the end of the lesson we could ALL confidently copy and paste - success!!! Well done Class 2!



28th January

We are doing brilliantly here in Class 2 learning the recorder!! We already know 3 notes: B A and G. Please see below for the fingering charts and a piece of music to practice at home (You may need to go on the website rather than the app to see these). 


24th January

We have started our BRAND NEW maths topic this week... FRACTIONS!

Today we worked really hard to build the same fraction different ways and recognise that a fraction is a part of a whole, and that all the parts have to be of equal size.


Here is a link to a good "build a fraction" game if you want to practice at home together:

14th January

We have started a brand new RE unit about Islam and being compassionate. Today we read a story called 'The Crying Camel' and learnt why it is important to be compassionate to all of God's creatures. 

We then had a go in teams at thinking about how we would look after our own pet camels and what we would need to provide for it. Everyone came up with some really thoughtful ideas, well done Class 2!



7th January 

What a super first week back - well done class 2.

Please click here or go to 'Class 2 Curriculum Overview' to see what we are learning about this term.

We will be sending out information about the upcoming trip to Colchester Castle very soon, and are desperately looking for a local beekeeper to come and talk to us about bees after half-term to help with our Suffolk Farming School of the year entry: if you know anyone, please speak to one of us!

Thank you!

Autumn 2021 

17th December

Merry Christmas one and all! We wish you a safe and restful Christmas break!

Just a note that after the holidays, all being well, Class 2 will be learning the recorder! :) we have more than enough recorders for children in school, but if they would like to buy their own (I hear Father Christmas often puts them in stockings...?) they are more than welcome to bring one in as long as it is named and they take full responsibility for it.

16th December

Today you will receive a very special Christmas card from your child - in D&T this week we have learnt about mechanisms and sliders, then used this knowledge to make a Christmas themed pop-up card. The children all measured, cut and designed these themselves to ensure the mechanism fit in the card and was functional - super job yet again Class 2!!!



15th December

I write to you today with some good and bad news. The bad news is that the children have completed their final task from Bill the Gnome before he flies off on his next adventure and leaves us, the good news is they did an absolutely AWESOME job!!!

In groups, they had to research a different element of Italian geography, then write a page for a fact book. They had VERY strict instructions to ensure the titles were clear, the writing was neat and in their own words, and pictures were as realistic as possible. And they definitely delivered!!!





4th December - CHRISTMAS SLEEPOVER!!!!

(The pictures don't always show on the mobile app, so you might have to go on the actual website to view them)

It was the week we've all been waiting for - the Christmas sleepover!!!! Bill was so excited he brought his blanket, slippers and teddy to school at 8.30am!!

And what a great evening it was in the end. After our yummy dinner of hot dogs, pasta and salad, we played some games. We started off with hide-and-seek all around the school.... can you guess where these cheeky children hid?!


Next we got into pyjamas and played some parachute games and had to try and knock objects off the parachute over the other team's head!

Then it was time for our movie - Raya and the Last Dragon which we enjoyed snuggled up on cushions with popcorn and marshmallows! 


Then it was time for bed. This photo was taken about 1am - there was A LOT of snoring so do not believe your child if they said they didn't sleep!!

When we woke up in the morning for our breakfast, Bradley's naughty elf had been up to mischief in the kitchen! What a surprise to wake up to!

Finally, a huge WELL DONE to everyone who came. You all listened to instructions, behaved brilliantly and were super brave staying away from home for a night. You made it just so FUN for everyone. Great job Class 2!!!

25th November

Well, this week was certainly an exciting one! Thursday afternoon Mrs Scarce delivered a postcard.... from Bill!


We then learnt all about the history of Margherita pizza and how the ingredients link to the Italian flag. Vivi, Zack and George and Isla's mummies very kindly gave up their afternoon to come in and help us shape our dough (which was also very kindly made and donated to us from Pump Street Bakery). Vivi's mum showed us how to turn the dough like a steering wheel to get it to stretch before putting our ingredients on. 

Thank you to all our helpers - it was an amazing afternoon! 



19th November

In art with Mrs Bailie this week we learnt about primary colours. We mixed paint to make secondary colours, then added white to change the tone. We each had a try at making a tonal chart of a secondary colour. Don't they look effective!


5th November

This week has really started the term with a BANG! We worked together to make the guy for Orford Bonfire this week and we made our own firework pictures which should have come home this evening - they were beautiful and really brightened up our classroom!


You also should have received your child's school report today. Please book a parent's evening call for next week if you haven't already

22nd October

Despite year 3 being away on their PGL trip at the end of the week (click here to see what they got up to!), we still managed to have lots of fun with Bill the Gnome before the end of half term!

On Monday, he sent us a new challenge - to help him add up the prices of all the items in his shop. If you are bored at home over half term, price up some things around your house (using numbers to 50 for year 2 or hundreds numbers for year 3) and have a go at adding two together.  



On Wednesday, Bill left year 2 a special wrapped up gift.... his adventure books! Full of all the exciting adventures he has been on before, which happened to be written by class 2 themselves! You should have received a copy of your child's story earlier in the week to read at home together. We were super proud of the detail and quality all of the children had put into their work and they should all be very proud!


15th October

In Science this week, we tested materials for Bill because he wrote us a letter that said "Please may you help me find a material to help me make some sunglasses" so we tested them to see if they'd make good sunglasses.

We got some different materials and we each had a go and flicked some water to see if they were waterproof if water went through or not and we used a torch to see if light went through. by Lana and Letti

Here are the results.... as you can see we found out that coloured plastic was the best as it was translucent and waterproof.


And here's Bill in his new sunglasses - doesn't he look cool! 

1st October

We had our Harvest Festival this week!!


We retold the story of Handa's surprise set in the UK using seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our favourite part was when the animals kept eating the food! Back at school we thought about why a Harvest service is so important and recognised that we needed to thank God, farmers and anyone that helps in the food industry. When you are next in school, take a look at the lovely display of all our work.

24th September

As part of our RE topic on Rosh Hashanah and forgiveness, this week we learnt the story of Jonah and the Whale. We were all able to retell the story and suggest why Jonah needed to say sorry.

First we learnt about the special mission God gave Jonah, when all was calm

We LOVED acting out the storm when Jonah was on the boat

And finally, we got swallowed up by the whale ourselves - some children who were listening carefully were a bit worried we might have had to stay there for 3 days!! Luckily Miss Cannon let us out so we could do some writing!

Here is a link to the story if you wanted to recap it at home together:


17th September

Bill this week has been a very busy gnome!! He climbed up our display, lassoed a lion and made a tent between the table for sleeping. In Literacy this week, we invented some arch enemies for Bill to go up against, including killer onions, evil gnomes and scheming snails!! Check out the descriptions:

"Swift Gnomehunter is as evil as a vampire and will kill you with his machine gun on his red opaque shell" Phillip

"Coming out of his head he has burning lava that can burn you all up into a crisp!" Vivi

"Terrifying Gill has a humongous sword with blood dripping off of it because he has killed all of Bill's friends" Freddie

"He has enormous muscles and fierce blood-drinking terrifying fangs and he will kill Bill with his incredible invisible axe!!" Millie

They certainly sound scary!! We will be exploring adjectives more next week when looking at setting descriptions.


10th September

Well, a busy day turned into a busy week! We have already put up our first display: paintings of us with our ambition for the year - there's a whole range from learning to join handwriting, to learning an instrument to setting up their own science experiments!

We also spotted Bill out on some adventures and had to write (and correctly punctuate!) sentences and questions about what he was up to. Can you come up with any more at home?



6th September

Wow! What a busy first day of school!! We had a super day choosing new reading books, learning about nouns, verbs and place value and even made a painting of ourselves with aspirations for the year.

Bill the Gnome came to say hello - he will be the focus of all our learning this term as he likes to go on lots of adventures! Please click here to see our topic overview for this term (a paper copy went home as well today).

Below is a list of everything your child will need on each day of school as well. Any questions, please speak to myself or Mrs Smy.


Summer 2021 

7th July

On Monday, we had our 'move up day' - year 3 and 4 visited Class 3 with Mrs Reeve and Miss Fleck whilst year 1 joined us in class 2.

We had a great time reading Where the Wild Things Are and designing our own creatures! In maths, we had a go at building our own but each colour cube was worth different points.... our super challenge was to make it add to 27 points.

Miss Cannon, Mrs Smy and Mrs Nottingham were very impressed - we can't wait to work with you all next year!


14th June

In RE, we have started a new unit about Christians being part of the 'Body of Christ'

This week, we learnt a little finger rhyme:

Here is the church

Here is the steeple

Take a look inside

And there's all the people!

7th June

Bella and Mimsie:

This week class 1 & 2 had the privilege of visiting the amazing Orford Castle!!!!

We found out lots of brilliant facts about the ancient castle such as:

  • The castle defences
  • The kings and Queens and
  • All the fantastic grass moats

We are all so happy and grateful that we go to this joyful school. It has so many lovely opportunities and trips.

The thing we loved the most about this particular trip is that we got to mix with nearly all the classes and we got to go all way to the top which was a lovely view!!!

Did you know that there are 90 steps going up stairs

Uma and Travis:

On the 7th June class 2  and 1 went  to Orford castle  were we learnt about  the history of the wonderful castle .We learnt about what it looked like and its defences ,we acted out what  the people inside would do and did some fantastic scetches of the majestic castle.

Fun facts

Did you know the castle had a gigantic curtain wall around  it and death hole! It also had a grass moat .Furthermore  king henry  the II  was the only king who visted.


1 . We walked to the ancient  castle

2.we entered   the wonderful castle grounds

3.we went in to the horrific  castle

  1. Orford  castle  used to have a giant cur tain wall.
  2. Orford  castle has 90 steps from the first level to the top. Wow.
  3. Orford castle used to have a emeraled green moat

Emily and Millie:

Today we went to orford castle and we looked outside and inside it was amazing and fun to go there.

Fun fact - One of the chambers was for getting dressed

Libby and Mason: 

The orford castle was great and the work was also great.

I didn’t like being on the top of the castle because I’m afraid of heights.

I liked the objects in the castle and there was objects from the world war and the people who usally  lived in the castle and they keep the world war objects in the castle.

Mia and Scarlett:

We went to orford castle we went to the top. Then  we see the well it was14m  dep

Then we went  out for lunch

We didn’t like the well

The castle had 90 steps.

All together it  had 103 steps

Carly and Luca: 

We went to the top of the castle and waited for the king and we didn’t see the king so we went to the basement and they had a deep dark well and after that we went to the top of the castle again and it is 90 stairs up to the top of the castle and I liked the top of the castle.

We did activities  and to find parts of the castle wall and we found where the poop go and we found a part of the castle wall.

Bobby and Erik:

Today we went to the amazing cool Orford Castle.

We learnt more things about castles like it had a well that was 14m deep, you need to cllimb  90 steps to get to the top of the castle.

We saw where the dungeon was but we couldn’t go in. The steps were crazy they were the worst bit because they acted wobbly even though they weren’t. They had ropes to hold on to but you could fall off any minute!!

The bakeree was on top of the castle 

Alex and Phillip:

It was very fun  going to the top of the castle and going to the upper hall and  the basement.

It was super fun at the top.

You might not know this but the Orford castle had a curtain wall around it.

Did you know that Orford castle had no great hall.

Lana and Phoebe:

On the 7th of June 2021 we [Class1 as well as Class2] went to Orford castle and had a look around we talked about the castles insides and outsides furthermore we learnt about all the great defences and the deadly attacks we all had great fun acting out some of the different roles and jobs played in the grand castle such as: the kitchen maid ,the sheriff ,the servants in addition the cook. We walked colossal 90 steps all the way to the high roof were the kitchen and the bakery were in addition we sketched the castle remains we only drew the remains because there was a curtain wall and a grass moat .

Lily and Stavroula:

Orford  castle was amazing and we found out that in the olden days it had a wall and it was  not destroyed. We had lunch there.

And it was the best experience  ever!


28th May

We have had the most FANTASTIC week of castle construction in class 2, which I am sure you have heard about!

At the beginning of the week we had to research a different type of castle each: what it looke dlike, all the different parts and what they were used for. We then had to use our D&T and Art skills to think about which materials we needed before constructing the shell. Next, followed papier mache, a night of air drying and then painting. Today, we continued our research from Monday to make detailed labels for our models with detailed labels of each part, explaining their functions. 

There are just so many photos to share. Here are the ones of our completed models, the rest will be added to a photo album. 

Please click this link



Have a fabulous half term everybody - see you on Monday 7th June for our trip to the REAL castle!!!

21st May

Please log on to Tapestry to see our amazing light boxes we made in D&T this week!!

**Next Friday (28th) we are going to be gardening in the afternoon, planting all the trees and fruit bushes we won from the EADT competition. Please ensure your child brings comfortable, warm clothes that you don't mind getting messy, as well as old trainers or wellies if they are not already in school.**

Thank you!!


14th May

We are just coming to the end of our Geography unit and getting ready to move on to History (we will FINALLY be making those castles soon!). We had a try at making our own maps of Orford this week.

It was super tricky - we had to ensure that all the buildings were the right shapes (from a bird's eye view), in proportion to each other AND year3/4 had to use Ordance Survey symbols. Miss Cannon thinks we did AMAZINGLY well, and here's the proof!!



7th May

Another brilliant week in Art in Class 2....this week we were doing card wraps, where you take wool and wrap it round card carefully so there's no gaps. We learnt how to tie a knot too so we could add on more colours.

This week's challenge was to use just one colour but lots of different shades going from dark to light. Don't they look brilliant?!


We also had a super puzzle club this week and FINALLY solved the puzzle we spent 3 weeks on! Look at everyone's smiling faces!


30th April

This week we worked really hard in Art to print on fabric this week.

First we made a printing block with a piece of card and some elastic bands, then used some brightly coloured paint to "load" them.

We then had a go at printing on fabric - keeping the pattern neat, aligned and with just the right amount of paint. Don't they look fabulous?!



For next week's art, we need to be able to tie knots in wool. If you could practice at home, that would be really useful! Have a super long weekend

23rd April

We have had yet ANOTHER fantastic week of learning here in class 2.

In literacy we have practised adding even better openers and conjunctions to our sentences to make them really detailed for a "castle" fact file; we have been measuring mass and capacity in maths and had a go at retelling the story of Jonah and the Whale with just 7 props. 

Today we even had a go at solving some logic problems in maths. If you're bored over the weekend, why not try this one?

16th April

What a FANTASTIC first week back! Class 2 have worked brilliantly in all their lessons and have done some super learning this week including bar charts, fact files and learning the notes on a glockenspiel.

On Monday we started our new geography topic and had a go at making our own compasses on the playground. Year 2 had to use four points but year 3/4 had to try all 8 points!! Challenging!!


Our tadpoles are also growing and now have little legs!! They will soon be froglets, how exciting!

11th April 

Welcome back everybody! Hope you all had a fun-filled Easter and were able to enjoy some more activities!

Please click here or go to 'our learning > visit our classes > class 2 > curriculum overview' to see the letter about all our learning this term.

As ever, a few reminders

  • Bags come to school on Mondays (with completed homework and reading records) and get taken home on Fridays (with new homework)
  • Children come to school in PE kits Wednesdays and Fridays (unless informed otherwise)
  • Full water bottles should be in school every day - it is much safer for your child than us having to keep washing and sanitising cups and we are trying to reduce traffic in the corridors
  • Coats and wellies/outdoor "messy" shoes need to be in school every day
  • Forest schools starts after half term. Mrs Marriott will write to you nearer the time.
  • Pencil cases stay in school all half term if your child chooses to bring one
  • Your child is responsible for telling an adult in school if they need to change their home reading book - we do give a daily reminder to the whole class but will not be going down individual book bags to check whether books have been finished or not

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Spring 2021 


This morning, Miss Cannon received a very exciting message... the frogspawn had HATCHED! Class 2 are now the proud owners of tadpoles! 


Even more good news:

  • YES there is enough for you to "adopt" a tadpole each - get thinking about what you'd like to call your tadpole when we're back at school
  • It takes 4-5 weeks for them to develop in to froglets, so you'll get to see them as tadpoles before they change too much
  • They only eat algae at this stage so don't need extra food and will be alright in the tank for the holidays

We will keep you updated of any more changes!!

Here's a really good explanation of what will happen next if you want to read through it together at home:

26th March - HAPPY EASTER!!

As you may have heard, we've had GREAT excitement in our class this week - we have some frogspawn to watch and look after! When it arrived it had been freshly laid the day before:


So, we quickly created a chart to track their progress. Not much happened for the first three days (and truth be told, Miss Cannon was a bit worries they were dead as there was NO movement) when suddenly on Wednesday they started to grow!! By Friday they were looking like mini tadpoles and were really wriggly - lots of fun to watch:


In science this week we found out about their life cycles and all the changes we will see over the next few weeks (and tried to make it out of playdough). Our favourite fact is that when they are freshly hatched they eat their jelly then grow teeth and eat each other!! How exciting!!


This afternoon we did an Easter egg hunt (after making our own baskets) hopefully the treats will make it home before being devoured!

I have sent home some work for over the holidays - spelling practice for all and handwriting for the phonics group. Maths is optional for the holidays.

Have a great rest and break, see you in the summer term!!

19th March

We have had another super week of learning here in class 2! We are getting really good at explaining in our writing using adverbs, conjunctions and sentence openers; we produced some beautiful artwork that should have made its way home this evening and had great fun ordering pictures of Miss Cannon from when she was a baby right up until now to learn about life cycles.

In maths we have been finishing our fractions work and have started to look at equivalent fractions. 

Here is a fraction game to play at home if you want some extra practice:


12th March

What a super first week back!! We've been cracking on with maths and literacy in the mornings (please see your child's book bag for their homework) then taking part in lots of lovely science and thrive activities in the afternoon.

Rainbow Science

 (we also used food colouring and soap in milk to "explode" the colour)

Dancing Stickmen

Science Week Sieving

The whole school had to create a sieve to separate rice from pasta - we had a wide range of contraptions. Some successful and some not so - the rice all over the carpet proves it!!!




This afternoon we made shmores and talked around the campfire about our favourite thing from school this week. Ask your child over the weekend what they chose.

8th March

Welcome back to all of our families, we are looking forward to seeing you all and having an exciting 3 weeks together.

Following Mrs Butler's email last week, a few reminders:

  • Bags come to school on Mondays (from next week these will contain completed homework and reading records) and get taken home on Fridays (with new homework)
  • Children come to school in PE kits Wednesdays and Fridays (unless informed otherwise)
  • Full water bottles should be in school every day - it is much safer for your child than us having to keep washing and sanitising cups and we are trying to reduce traffic in the corridors
  • Coats and wellies/outdoor "messy" shoes need to be in school every day - play is on the field which is very muddy at the moment
  • No forest schools until after Easter, so kit is not required
  • Pencil cases stay in school all half term if your child chooses to bring one
    and finally:
  • Your child is responsible for telling an adult in school if they need to change their home reading book - we do give a daily reminder to the whole class but will not be going down individual book bags to check whether books have been finished or not

Oh,and if any of you find any frogspawn out on your walks this week, please can you collect us some?! Thank you, see you tomorrow!!

5th January

Well, scrap yesterday's message! And we were SOOO looking forward to seeing you all! We will instead wait with great anticipation to see what super home learning adventures you get up to via tapestry. PLEASE parents, keep checking your emails and if you do not have an active tapestry account, get in touch with us ASAP so we can get you set up. Also keep an eye out for arrangements for vulnerable/key worker children as these will differ from last lock down.

One of your topic tasks this week is to make  a pirate hat and send me a picture. Please still do this as I will add you to our explorers display which will be ready for when you return - it's boring being the only mermaid pirate on board! 

Stay safe everyone ! 

4th January


We hope you all had a restful Christmas break.

Please click here or go to the tab 'Curriculum Overview' on the class 2 page to see the letter with everything we are learning about this term.

Autumn 2020 


We had a super fun time at the movie night - we started off with a treasure hunt, where we found out for Christmas we are getting some new fish and a brand new, giant fish tank! 

This was followed by some games, dinner and TWO movies!!

It was funny being in the hall with all the lights off and playing with the cushions but we all had fun and was a lovely start to our final week in the lead up to Christmas.

10th December

Christmas lunch day!  Wahooo! Thanks Nicola for making it so lovely for us! 

8th December

Following our super practice last week, we used our new watercolour skills to create some paintings of Orford in the style of Turner - some did the Lighthouse, some did the Castle and some did the River Wall. You can really see by using the "wet on wet" technique how well they've captured his style

3rd December

A slightly less "explosive" week in class 2 this week but very busy nonetheless! 

  • We started on Monday by wearing our Christmas jumpers and creating some super 'We 3 Kings' decorations for the hall
  • On Wednesday we took part in an athletics competition - Mr West is going to put our results up against other Suffolk schools to see how we do
  • Thursday we learnt how to use watercolour paints correctly by using a 'wet on dry' technique and a 'wet on wet' technique and made some Turner style paintings
  • Today we had a go at answering the question 'Could humans live underwater?' and tried to design some new habitats for us

Just 7 sleeps till the Movie Night - please make sure you have paid on ParentPay please!

25th November


You may have heard about a fire at school today - it's true!! We created our own Pudding Lane and great fire of London! Here's the video of all the action today:



20th November

Following our amazing artwork last week, we made even more this week based around the Great Fire of London. We were only given red, yellow and a tiny bit of black - look at some of the amazing fiery tones we made under our house silhouettes!

PLEASE if you have any cereal boxes at home can they come in on Monday?! It's for the super exciting next stage of our history topic! Thank you to everyone who has already.


13th November

We have started a new art topic this term, developing our painting and colour skills. We started by building and painting a mixed surface before adding patterns in contrasting colours. Don't they look AWESOME?! 



5th November

Don't we look fabulously bright and sparkly today!! Thank you to all parents and carers for organising!

22nd October

Firstly a huge thank you to everybody who sent in shoe boxes.... I am sure you have heard from the children about our exciting science project - creating habitat dioramas! 

Each group had to choose a habitat which they researched, thinking about the landscape, animals and plants that might live there. Next we had to paint the box and create a backdrop for the diorama, these were so neat and already looked fantastic.


Finally, the big bit of work - creating all the wildlife to go inside them! This was very tricky as we had to make everything 3D - mounting on cardboard, creating stands and trying to get things to hang from the ceilings. However, everybody showed great resilience and worked so carefully to make their models look realistic. We even got a bonus bit of fun by sticking it together with the hot glue guns!


And here are the finished models. The classroom display will look EPIC once they're mounted on the walls! What a super positive end to our first half term back. WELL DONE CLASS 2!!




16th  October

We have done some super art and writing this week. Hopefully you'll all get a copy of the writing soon, but in the mean time - take a look at our artwork! This week we were studying John Brunsdon - a local landscape artist who used bold lines and colours. We were given part of one of his paintings and had to continue his work - I think you'll agree they look AMAZING! 

1st October - there seems to be a problem with the app showing photos, you may have to go direct to the website to see them!

Today we went on our first trip of the year to Foxburrow Farm in Melton as part of our science learning on food chains and habitats. We had a BRILLIANT time!! Please see all the pictures in the "photos from around our school" page.

First we visited the orchard to go “invertebrate hunting” – we found newts, frogs and a cat (?!) which didn’t count. However, we also found lots of spiders, snails, worms, beetles, woodlice and even a Devil’s Coachman – the Suffolk Wildlife Trust staff got very excited as they said these are super rare!


Our next activity was identification in the woodlands. First we played a description game where somebody found a leaf and described it, and their partner (without looking at the leaf) had to try and draw it – there were some really impressive results! This was followed by being given some tree cuttings, our job was to hunt through the woodland to find the tree each branch came from and identify it. We now know what maple, oak, ash, cherry and hawthorn trees look like. Our final task before lunch was to hunt evidence of animals – there weren’t many tracks but there were lots of nibbled nuts and cones and burrows.


Finally, we got to go pond dipping – definitely the highlight for us all! We all got a go at sweeping the nets in the water then we had to pour the contents into a washing up bowl. Unlike the invertebrate hunting, our knowledge of pond creatures was limited, so we had to use the classification key to help us. Some of the highlights were crested newts, boatmen, freshwater shrimps, backswimmers and whirligig beetles.


Overall a really super day that’s properly kick-started our habitats project! Everyone was brilliantly behaved and had a really enjoyable time!


23rd September

This week Mrs Butler challenged us in collective worship to make rainbows. We decided to create a class one so that everybody got an equal share and we were all part of the chosen design. Some talking points could be to ask your child what colour they were, what the paint felt like on their hands, how many handprints did they get before the paint ran out?

Miss Cannon was a bit cheeky and hung it up in Mrs Butler's office so she definitely didn't miss out on seeing it. Doesn't it look fabulous?! (Even upside down because the website won't let us rotate the image!)

21st September

HUGE apologies to the spelling group this week - I made a copy and paste blunder which means your spelling homework won't have made sense this week. Sorry! Thank you for trying anyway. 

11th September

We have had such a fantastic first week back, everybody has worked super hard and we've made a great start to our year of learning together.  Take a look at our new display - we're on here with one of our ambitions for the end of this academic year and there is such a wide range, from getting pen licences to using the computer more to being better at sport! Homework and instructions were sent home today and is due on Monday. I know that's a tight turnaround but we need to allow time for the books to be cleaned before they're marked. Thank you for your support with this.


3rd September

Welcome back class 2! We have had a great first day back, but it has been very busy! If the conversation is not naturally flowing at home, here are some questions to ask your child about today:

  • Which colour table are you sat on this year? Do you remember who sits with you?
  • How did you decorate your tray?
  • Tell me where (and what?) you played at lunchtime
  • What's the new 'Chill Out' table?

Please look on the "curriculum overview" page to see the letter about our learning this term, it includes an important notices section - it is imperative you read this. 

As ever, if you have any questions please feel free to email or ask at the end of the school day outside the gate. At the moment due to social distancing measures it is not possible to take face to face queries first thing in the morning.