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Orford CEVA Primary School


CEVA Primary School

Class 2 News

Spring 2021 

5th January

Well, scrap yesterday's message! And we were SOOO looking forward to seeing you all! We will instead wait with great anticipation to see what super home learning adventures you get up to via tapestry. PLEASE parents, keep checking your emails and if you do not have an active tapestry account, get in touch with us ASAP so we can get you set up. Also keep an eye out for arrangements for vulnerable/key worker children as these will differ from last lock down.

One of your topic tasks this week is to make  a pirate hat and send me a picture. Please still do this as I will add you to our explorers display which will be ready for when you return - it's boring being the only mermaid pirate on board! 

Stay safe everyone ! 

4th January


We hope you all had a restful Christmas break.

Please click here or go to the tab 'Curriculum Overview' on the class 2 page to see the letter with everything we are learning about this term.

Like last term, a few reminders:

  • Bags come to school on Mondays (with completed homework in, and reading records) and get taken home on Fridays (with new homework)
  • Children come to school in PE kits Wednesdays and Fridays (unless informed otherwise)
  • Full water bottles should be in school every day - it is much safer for your child than us having to keep washing and sanitizing cups and we are trying to reduce traffic in the corridors
  • Coats and wellies/outdoor "messy" shoes need to be in school every day - play is on the field which is very muddy at the moment
  • For the first half term only forest school kit should be brought in on Mondays
  • Pencil cases stay in school all half term
  • Your child is responsible for telling an adult in school if they need to change their home reading book - we do give a daily reminder to the whole class but will not be going down individual book bags to check whether books have been finished or not

Autumn 2020 


We had a super fun time at the movie night - we started off with a treasure hunt, where we found out for Christmas we are getting some new fish and a brand new, giant fish tank! 

This was followed by some games, dinner and TWO movies!!

It was funny being in the hall with all the lights off and playing with the cushions but we all had fun and was a lovely start to our final week in the lead up to Christmas.

10th December

Christmas lunch day!  Wahooo! Thanks Nicola for making it so lovely for us! 

8th December

Following our super practice last week, we used our new watercolour skills to create some paintings of Orford in the style of Turner - some did the Lighthouse, some did the Castle and some did the River Wall. You can really see by using the "wet on wet" technique how well they've captured his style

3rd December

A slightly less "explosive" week in class 2 this week but very busy nonetheless! 

  • We started on Monday by wearing our Christmas jumpers and creating some super 'We 3 Kings' decorations for the hall
  • On Wednesday we took part in an athletics competition - Mr West is going to put our results up against other Suffolk schools to see how we do
  • Thursday we learnt how to use watercolour paints correctly by using a 'wet on dry' technique and a 'wet on wet' technique and made some Turner style paintings
  • Today we had a go at answering the question 'Could humans live underwater?' and tried to design some new habitats for us

Just 7 sleeps till the Movie Night - please make sure you have paid on ParentPay please!

25th November


You may have heard about a fire at school today - it's true!! We created our own Pudding Lane and great fire of London! Here's the video of all the action today:



20th November

Following our amazing artwork last week, we made even more this week based around the Great Fire of London. We were only given red, yellow and a tiny bit of black - look at some of the amazing fiery tones we made under our house silhouettes!

PLEASE if you have any cereal boxes at home can they come in on Monday?! It's for the super exciting next stage of our history topic! Thank you to everyone who has already.


13th November

We have started a new art topic this term, developing our painting and colour skills. We started by building and painting a mixed surface before adding patterns in contrasting colours. Don't they look AWESOME?! 



5th November

Don't we look fabulously bright and sparkly today!! Thank you to all parents and carers for organising!

22nd October

Firstly a huge thank you to everybody who sent in shoe boxes.... I am sure you have heard from the children about our exciting science project - creating habitat dioramas! 

Each group had to choose a habitat which they researched, thinking about the landscape, animals and plants that might live there. Next we had to paint the box and create a backdrop for the diorama, these were so neat and already looked fantastic.


Finally, the big bit of work - creating all the wildlife to go inside them! This was very tricky as we had to make everything 3D - mounting on cardboard, creating stands and trying to get things to hang from the ceilings. However, everybody showed great resilience and worked so carefully to make their models look realistic. We even got a bonus bit of fun by sticking it together with the hot glue guns!


And here are the finished models. The classroom display will look EPIC once they're mounted on the walls! What a super positive end to our first half term back. WELL DONE CLASS 2!!




16th  October

We have done some super art and writing this week. Hopefully you'll all get a copy of the writing soon, but in the mean time - take a look at our artwork! This week we were studying John Brunsdon - a local landscape artist who used bold lines and colours. We were given part of one of his paintings and had to continue his work - I think you'll agree they look AMAZING! 

1st October - there seems to be a problem with the app showing photos, you may have to go direct to the website to see them!

Today we went on our first trip of the year to Foxburrow Farm in Melton as part of our science learning on food chains and habitats. We had a BRILLIANT time!! Please see all the pictures in the "photos from around our school" page.

First we visited the orchard to go “invertebrate hunting” – we found newts, frogs and a cat (?!) which didn’t count. However, we also found lots of spiders, snails, worms, beetles, woodlice and even a Devil’s Coachman – the Suffolk Wildlife Trust staff got very excited as they said these are super rare!


Our next activity was identification in the woodlands. First we played a description game where somebody found a leaf and described it, and their partner (without looking at the leaf) had to try and draw it – there were some really impressive results! This was followed by being given some tree cuttings, our job was to hunt through the woodland to find the tree each branch came from and identify it. We now know what maple, oak, ash, cherry and hawthorn trees look like. Our final task before lunch was to hunt evidence of animals – there weren’t many tracks but there were lots of nibbled nuts and cones and burrows.


Finally, we got to go pond dipping – definitely the highlight for us all! We all got a go at sweeping the nets in the water then we had to pour the contents into a washing up bowl. Unlike the invertebrate hunting, our knowledge of pond creatures was limited, so we had to use the classification key to help us. Some of the highlights were crested newts, boatmen, freshwater shrimps, backswimmers and whirligig beetles.


Overall a really super day that’s properly kick-started our habitats project! Everyone was brilliantly behaved and had a really enjoyable time!


23rd September

This week Mrs Butler challenged us in collective worship to make rainbows. We decided to create a class one so that everybody got an equal share and we were all part of the chosen design. Some talking points could be to ask your child what colour they were, what the paint felt like on their hands, how many handprints did they get before the paint ran out?

Miss Cannon was a bit cheeky and hung it up in Mrs Butler's office so she definitely didn't miss out on seeing it. Doesn't it look fabulous?! (Even upside down because the website won't let us rotate the image!)

21st September

HUGE apologies to the spelling group this week - I made a copy and paste blunder which means your spelling homework won't have made sense this week. Sorry! Thank you for trying anyway. 

11th September

We have had such a fantastic first week back, everybody has worked super hard and we've made a great start to our year of learning together.  Take a look at our new display - we're on here with one of our ambitions for the end of this academic year and there is such a wide range, from getting pen licences to using the computer more to being better at sport! Homework and instructions were sent home today and is due on Monday. I know that's a tight turnaround but we need to allow time for the books to be cleaned before they're marked. Thank you for your support with this.


3rd September

Welcome back class 2! We have had a great first day back, but it has been very busy! If the conversation is not naturally flowing at home, here are some questions to ask your child about today:

  • Which colour table are you sat on this year? Do you remember who sits with you?
  • How did you decorate your tray?
  • Tell me where (and what?) you played at lunchtime
  • What's the new 'Chill Out' table?

Please look on the "curriculum overview" page to see the letter about our learning this term, it includes an important notices section - it is imperative you read this. 

As ever, if you have any questions please feel free to email or ask at the end of the school day outside the gate. At the moment due to social distancing measures it is not possible to take face to face queries first thing in the morning.