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Orford CEVA Primary School


CEVA Primary School

Class 3 - Y5, Y6

Welcome to class 3 - home to years 5 and 6. In class 3, We begin to use our experiences to broaden our knowledge and explore new ideas. With secondary education in mind, we also work on building confidence and self-esteem, ready for the challenges a new school can bring. 

Our history theme this term is Medicine Through Time. We will be using historical sources to make inferences from the past, comparing different periods in time and their approaches to medical practices, and discovering how it all fits together in the chronology of time. 

Our science topics are 'Living things and their habitats' and 'Animals including Humans'. We will be looking at ways that plants and animals reproduce, gestation periods and a human timeline. The children will be analysing evidence and using charts and diagrams to show data. We will also be looking at contributions of different scientists working in this field.

We are studying Day of the Dead (a visual text) and Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. Through these texts, Class 3 will be writing: setting descriptions, diary entries, non-chronological reports, persuasive adverts, balanced arguments and preparing for a debate.

We will also be practising for our performance of... School - O - Vision! 


In art we have experimented with shading, tone and colour! We tried self-portraits given only 2 colours. With these colours, class 3 needed to mix different tones to represent the light and shade on their faces. Meet class 3 below! 



Useful links


Mrs N McCart


Support Staff

Mrs K Robinson    

Miss D Phillips   



Homework is set on a Wednesday and due on a Monday:

  • At least four reading sessions (to be recorded in the reading record)
  • Spelling work (in homework book)
  • Maths arithmetic and calculation methods practise (in homework book)

Equipment/Special Activities

Swimming kits are needed Mondays. (Year 6 will swim after half term)
Cooking is on Tuesdays 
PE is on Tuesdays  for the whole term - please come to school in kit on PE days


Class 3 can attend:  

  • Choir - Wednesday lunchtime (sign up on Arbor)
  • Xtra Time Sport Club Wednesday 3-4pm
  • Bible Club - Thursday lunchtime (no sign up required)
  • Gardening Club - Thursday 3-3.45pm

sign up to after-school clubs on Arbor


Google Classroom login:

Spelling Frame:

BBC Bitesize: 

Reading Vipers Information:

Reading Vipers PDF