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Orford CEVA Primary School


CEVA Primary School

Class 3 News

Christmas Church Service 2020

This year, our Christmas church service was a little different, with friends and families joining us virtually, however, it didn't stop Class 3 from delivering a great performance.  Everybody in the class write a verse to contribute to our class poem, which we then read aloud to share for our performance.  We hope htat you enjoy reading it below.


Bring the Christmas Spirit

A shared write poem, by Class 3


Lucy: Bring the children so excited 

Bring the snow falling in the wind

School’s ready to close for the Christmas break

As Christmas is going to begin 


James: Bring the evergreen Christmas trees

With their pine smell

And their emerald branches 

Bring the ringing bells. 


Archie: Bring your multi-coloured glass bulbs,

Filled with hopes and dreams 

Glistening brightly for the future

Sending out magnificent beams


Jamie: Bring the twinkling tinsel

And the bulbs that are alight

It’s wonderful to see and 

It fills me with delight


Saskia: Bring the crackling fireplace 

Glowing in the moonlight

Glowing as bright as morning sunshine

Its new dawn fills me with delight


Ella F: Bring the comforting warm flames,

Like soft soot and wood in the fire,

Bring the crunchy crackle,

Bring Christmas spirit running higher!


Anna : Bring the  presents wrapped under the tree

Like a nut waiting to be seen

Watching the golden wrapping,

Covering a little girl’s dream


Dylan: Bring children unwrapping presents,

Bring the happy faces

Bring the gift boxes of joy

Bring the toys In many places


Jodie: Bring the decorations

Bring the radiant red elf

I see it moving whilst

Sitting on a vibrant Christmas shelf


All: Bring the juicy turkey,

roast potatoes, pigs in a blankets

Bring the brussels, bring the parsnips

Bring the delicious Christmas banquet


Willa: Bring the pudding fresh out of the oven

To be a nice warm treat

Something to enjoy at the end of the day

The smell brings joy to everyone you meet


Rebecca: Bring the snow falling from the sky

Sparkling snowflakes falling to the ground

Dancing from up high

Shining like a million diamonds in a mound


Ella W: Bring glistening and shimmering snowflakes

As silent as an owl’s swooping sound

Dancing gracefully in the cold winter air

Falls with a gentle crunch to the ground


Jazmine: Bring the sparkling, smooth glass baubles, 

Christmas is over fast

Let the people come together

And let them remember memories from the past


Ollie: Bring the relaxing, reassuring hug

The warm comforting fire

The crispy, crackling sounds, 

Orange and flickering, the warmth that I desire


Theo: Bring the Christmas Spirit,

Bring the holy Christmas star

Bring Jesus Christ our saviour

Ring the bells of heaven, rejoicing from afar


Cecily: Bring families giving altogether

Bring all the love and joy

Singing carols merrily across the town

While Father Christmas has your toy


All: After the year of 2020

Bring us Christmas spirit aplenty


Merry Christmas! 


Decorating the School Christmas Trees

Class Three have spent some of this afternoon decorating either the hall Christmas tree or the tree in the entrance foyer - both look wonderful. Thanks to the children, Miss Davis and Mrs Gridley for their help with this!

Christmas Decoration Afternoon - 30th November 2020

This afternoon, the children of Class 3 created some fabulous Christmas decorations for hoops to hang in the hall. We hope you enjoy some of the photos of their afternoon! 


The finished result.......


Remembrance Day Service - 11th November 2020

Class 3 participated in a short Remembrance Day service, led by Rev. Giles. A two minute silence was held at 11am, to commemorate the significance of this day in history. 

Forest Schools

Just to remind you that Forest Schools will start again on the first Monday after half term ( Monday 2nd November 2020) . The sessions will be run by Mrs Marriot as before and the children will need warm, waterproof clothing and wellies as usual. We know they'll have an amazing time! 

Maths Homework 01.10.2020

Maths homework is now online on SumDog. It is due in on Wednesday 7th October 2020. Enjoy the game! Mrs Reeve

Important Information for Parents of Year 6 Children. 

Just to remind you that the deadline for applications for Secondary School places is on 31st October 2020. Please do check the websites of the schools that you are interested in applying for  - some schools are offering a virtual open evening / videos this year.  Kind regards, Mrs Reeve and Mrs Ward.  

Please be aware that with regards to school catchment, here we are Farlingaye high school.

However, with regards to free transport to school, as a rough guide: Children living in Orford, Iken and Sudbourne fall under the Saxmundham Free School free bus transport. Children living half way through Chillesford and Butley fall under the Farlingaye High School free bus transport.  Please see this link for further details. 

Important information for Wednesday 30th September 2020!

Just to let you know that we have changed our arrangements for P.E. kit for the foreseeable future. Now that we have altered the time of our P.E. slot, we have decided that it will be much easier for the children to be able to come to school WEARING their P.E. kit.  These arrangements will begin tomorrow. A reminder that our P.E. days fall on Wednesdays and Fridays. Kind regards, Mrs Reeve and Mrs Ward. 

Welcome back to school 

Welcome back to Class 3 . We look forward to another exciting year.