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Orford CEVA Primary School


CEVA Primary School

Curriculum Maps and Knowledge Organisers

Our Long Term Plan for years 1-6 is organised into curriculum maps. From these, we have more detailed knowledge organisers for use at the medium term planning stage.

Curriculum Maps

For years 1-6, each curriculum area is organised into units by year group, we call them our 'Curriculum Maps'. They identify:

  • The one key piece of learning for each unit
  • The ideal year group/key stage for each unit
  • Focus and progression of key skills across units (use colour coding schemes at the bottom of each page)
  • Wherever possible, options to dovetail units across the curriculum, including EYFS (this creates extra opportunities to embed knowledge and skills)

A copy of each curriculum map is below for every subject. Maths are taken from White Rose.

Knowledge Organisers:

Each unit on our curriculum map has a knowledge organiser. Some of these are taken from schemes we use (e.g. Suffolk Art and Design, Charanga Music) but many have been written by subject co-ordinators. They:

  • Identify prior knowledge and skills that should already be attained by children
  • Identify the new knowledge and skills for this unit
  • List key vocabulary to be used, learnt and understood
  • Are linked (top right hand corner) to which area(s) of the curriculum intent the unit meets
  • Contain key images/models/links to further enhance learning

Below is an example of a knowledge organiser. They are published termly for parents on our online learning platform, Tapestry.